I tried stimming: Tangle toys (not sponsored)

As I am typing this, I am trying to manage fidgeting with my tangle at the same time. If you have read my first post on this topic I tried stimming: Spinning rings, you probably know that this is not the first time I am trying to find a suitable stim toy for myself. You … Continue reading I tried stimming: Tangle toys (not sponsored)

Stopping meltdowns

Yesterday was a subpar day in almost every sense of the word for autistic me. Days on which I change outfits more than once before leaving the house always end up like this (I often do this when my routine is messed up). I forgot something important to give to a friend I met up … Continue reading Stopping meltdowns

Analyzing my first Corona meltdown

Yesterday, it's been approximately five and a half months since my last meltdown. Today, it's been zero days since my last meltdown. Several factors have piled up that eventually caused it - and I am a tad bit ashamed to admit that all of them stem from the current global situation.Since I started intensively researching … Continue reading Analyzing my first Corona meltdown

I tried stimming: Spinning rings

When the general public (which is my floppy term for people who know about the existence of autism but not too much about what it means) thinks about stimming in autism, most will probably come up with rocking, or hand flapping and the like, maybe also audible stims if they have ever been on a … Continue reading I tried stimming: Spinning rings

Trading Christmas for progress

Not to be dramatic or anything but tomorrow is Christmas Eve (at least for the majority of people in the country I live in and traditionally my family). Christmas used to be a huge thing for me. Granted, I'm in my twenties so my childhood is not as far away as it is for other … Continue reading Trading Christmas for progress

Childhood favorites were stim toys

During my 'research' into autism, I was recently checking out #stimtoys on Instagram because that is exactly the platform on which serious research on autism should start. I was scrolling through the tag when I came across the account of a shop that seemed to be specialized in types of objects labeled as 'stim toys.'What … Continue reading Childhood favorites were stim toys

Walking on tiptoes. Just because.

I recently watched a YouTube video by The Aspie World titled ASPERGERS symptoms in children: 5 ways YOU spot Autism, in which one trait of some people with Asperger Syndrome is said to be walking on their tiptoes, especially in their childhood and teenage years.That video unearthed a part of my childhood I had completely … Continue reading Walking on tiptoes. Just because.

Swimming, but sinking

Thinking back to my school years, one of my strongest memories is how utterly untalented I was in all things sport-related. But my sport-problems started even before I entered elementary school, especially with swimming.I was perfectly content with my floaties.Being in the water was amazing as long as I had my neon orange arm floats … Continue reading Swimming, but sinking

So I think I might have ASD.

Alright. Today’s Monday.I’m on the train to my workplace. It’s jam-packed, people are speaking on their phones, there’s an entire school class in it and I can’t get to my earphones cause the train is too packed to reach for them in my backpack. I’m freaking out. Last night I couldn’t sleep well because my … Continue reading So I think I might have ASD.